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Shipping Policy: All Shipping is Free! Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received. Expect lead times to vary depending on material availability and order volume. We will only ship to United States and APO addresses. We will not ship to countries outside of the United States except to a APO addresses.


Return/Warranty Policy: All work is warranted against manufacturing defects causing the strings and/or cables to be unsafe and/or be deemed unable to perform their primary function. Primary function is defined as string and/or cables properly installed on the correct bow shooting bow/arrow manufacturer recommended arrow spine weight for the specific bow in use. Replacement of string(s) and/or cable(s) by Bow Lab Innovations will be at the sole discretion of Bow Lab Innovations and will be done on a case by case basis. Strings/cables deemed to be defective by Bow Lab Innovations will be replaced at no cost. We want to make it right! The previous statements only apply for manufacturing defects. Damage caused by installing, shooting, handling, improper use and using/shooting the string (general wear) will only be replaced at the cost of the purchaser. Strings must be inspected by the purchaser within in 10 days of receipt to be eligible for replacement. String sales are final.

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